Improve support for Pluggable Transports in Tails
2022-06-27, 16:00–17:00 (UTC), Team 3

Users who need to use Pluggable Transports in Tails face a chicken-and-egg situation: they need a way to get bridges outside of Tails and then to configure their bridges in Tails, which means typing a looong string. Let's improve this!

Help Tails users use the QR code from emails from

We will evaluate applications that Tails users could use, inside Tails, to scan the QR code from an email from displayed on another device. Once we suitable tools, we will report our findings in the form of draft documentation.

On top of this, if time allows and Python+GTK software developers show up, we will also:

  • Integrate UI into the Tor Connection assistant to start the camera & QR code scanning application
  • Teach Tor Connection to notice bridges addresses in the clipboard, and offer the user to use them

Experiment with Snowflake bridges in Tails

We, the Tails developers, don't know how much work it would take to add support for Snowflake bridges in Tails. We will experiment, discover problems, and think about solutions.

What are the skills required in your team to work on this project?

To join this project:

  • You are familiar with a Debian-based operating system.
  • You have prepared yourself:
  • Learn how to install and start Tails:
  • Learn what are Tor bridges are and get familiar with how you can use them in Tails.

Bonus points if you have experience in software development with Python + GTK.

Tails developer