Onion Service metrics investigation using Onionprobe
2022-06-27, 17:05–18:05 (UTC), Team 1

Onionprobe is a new and flexible tool for Onion Services monitoring and metrics aggregation.

In this activity we'll try out Onionprobe to discover how it can be helpful for analysis (detecting network events, bottlenecks and general quality of service evaluation).

Possible activities include:

  • Review Onionprobe metrics: are they good, are they enough?
  • Explore the aggregated data on Prometheus using Grafana or your favourite tool.
  • Build and share Grafana dashboards and visualizations.
  • Write a small project that sets Onion Services with faulty configurations, useful for testing and debugging.

A sample dataset is already being collected by monitoring the so-called Real-World Onion Sites and can be used for analysis and to build visualizations.

What are the skills required in your team to work on this project?

While this activity is not strict in the required skill set, it can benefit with people having one of some of these abilities:

  • Previous Onion Services knowledge.
  • Experience with metrics.
  • UX skills.
  • Familiarity with Prometheus and Grafana.
  • Be confortable with Docker Compose usage.
  • Optional coding skills.
  • Experience with metrics and data science.

Onionprobe maintainer.

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