Modularization of reproducible builds system
2022-06-27, 16:00–17:00 (UTC), Team 4

Right now our reproducible builds system is closely tied to Tor Browser. This makes it hard to use it for other projects which we should fix.

tor-browser-build contains many necessary pieces in our reproducible builds system that are generic and not tied to Tor Browser specifically (e.g. container creation, dealing with old artifacts etc.). Other projects like Namecoin, Ricochet-Refresh etc. need to work around that by forking that repository and kind of keeping it up-to-date with latest upstream changes.

To make the adoption of our reproducible builds system easier we should split up the tor-browser-build parts into a generic project and Tor Browser specific parts. See: for the tracking bug and discussion so far.

What are the skills required in your team to work on this project?
  • having worked with a rbm/tor-browser-build build system before or willing to do so
  • willing to touch Perl code