GitLab: hack at it
2022-06-27, 16:00–17:00 (UTC), Team 7

GitLab. It's one of our most important tools, if not the most important. Make it work better.

This week I'm going to research and hack at whatever we need to make GitLab better. I'm not sure what yet: large file storage? Container registry? Scale to a billion users? Debian packaging? Who knows! A bunch of those are actual, real tickets, which real people requested, so we're going to really give it our best shot.

We will try really hard to not break GitLab, because that would ruin the fun for everyone else in the Hackweek. Maybe we'll setup a dev server, or build a Kubernetes cluster first. Exciting!

What are the skills required in your team to work on this project?

We welcome people familiar with sysadmin, Debian packaging, containers, GitLab in general, either as a user or a developer.

I'm the lead of the sysadmin team at the Tor Project. I generally fix things, but maybe during the hackweek I'll make an exception.