Al Smith
  • Creating a social media post bank for Tor

I'm the lead of the sysadmin team at the Tor Project. I generally fix things, but maybe during the hackweek I'll make an exception.

  • GitLab: hack at it
  • Tor-Split-Tunneling for Bitmask
  • Modularization of reproducible builds system

Tor Metrics

  • Parse Tor network data and store it in a database
Ian Jackson

Ian (@Diziet) has been writing and publishing Free Software since 1989, and has been heavily involved in Debian, Xen, and now Arti (the Tor Project's Rust rewrite).

Ian's most recent big personal project is the Otter online board game system, also written (mostly) in Rust.

  • Rust: adhoc derive macro facility, for easily autogenerating code from struct definitions

Tails developer

  • Improve support for Pluggable Transports in Tails
  • Tangible Internet freedom
  • Hack on Gosling! #rust #onion_services #network_protocols #testing
Silvio Rhatto

Onionprobe maintainer.

  • Onion Service address discovery using Sauteed Onions
  • Onion Service metrics investigation using Onionprobe