When: Monday June 27th to Friday July 1st.
Where: Main channel will be #tor in irc.oftc.net. The presentation of projects and the demo of them will happen in a TBD Big Blue Button room.

This hackweek aims to promote small projects that can be round up in 5 days. We will present the list of proposed projects on the first day of the hackweek and other people will be able to join.

In the context of this hackweek, a project is anything related to Tor that you can work with other people in 5 days. It could be a coding project or something to analyze data but it could also be a cartoon or anything that do not necessary requires coding skills.

We encourage you all to look for collaborators to join your team before the presentation of your project on Monday. This hackweek is for anybody interested in Tor and not only for core contributors. You can go look for people to work with you in other spaces other than Tor spaces (it could be social media, mailing lists, discord, forums, etc).

During the hackweek each group will meet whenever they prefer and work on its specific project. At the end of the week (on Friday) we will have a DEMO day where each group will present their work. Each project will have a pad with information about it, how to collaborate, where to meet with the rest of the team, etc.